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It all starts by picking up our daughter from school, I take her hand, and realize that her little hand is very dry and damaged. She explains to me that she had to put on hydroalcoholic gel at least 6 times during the day.
At this point, I ask myself several questions about: the quality of the gels, their compositions, their effectiveness, their origins... I quickly realize that a large number of hydroalcoholic solutions are neither up to European standards nor respectful of our skin.
Is there then a truly hydrating, disinfecting solution with the most natural composition possible?
We carry out several searches, the result is just as obvious as it is surprising, there is nothing like it!
The idea then arose to offer a product that would respond to all these problems, an irreproachable product in terms of composition and effectiveness with also the objective of eliminating the undesirable effects that we all encounter with conventional gels, which are too irritating, too sticky, too runny and too fragrant.
This is the beginning of a great family adventure for both of us: that of Entrepreneurship.
The complexity of the project is undeniable:
Finding the right formula by collaborating with a laboratory that must lead to a product that respects our values and our initial commitments.
A product that eliminates viruses and bacteria associated with a moisturizing, restorative cream, composed of the most natural ingredients possible.
For the hydration of the skin our choice very quickly fell on Borage oil, the precious oil with incredible virtues!
It will be "made in France" to offer total transparency on the origin and quality of our product.
This challenge, which is just as exciting as it is fascinating, plunges us into infinite fields: that of hygiene and health, business creation, collaboration with a laboratory, product development, certifications, creation of visual identity, marketing, communication, logistics or even handling because yes, not everything is glamorous….
Daytime and nighttime work! We breathe Bayoris.
After a year of research and work, a reward worthy of our investment: friends, colleagues, neighbours, health professionals and all those whom we have had our cream tested are immediately won over.
This encouragement and positive feedback gives us wings, with new commitments:
Recycled-recyclable packaging to preserve our planet and solidarity distribution circuit.
We can say today that our HYDRA-ALCOHOLIC cream is ready and we can't wait for you to test it!
This story was ours so far and we would like you to share it with us so that it becomes even more beautiful.

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