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We are a brand committed to your well-being through care, the environment and solidarity with all those who take care of others.

A short and local Made in France production chain

We have chosen, in accordance with our values, to manufacture products in France, using local ingredients  en circuit court. This coherent choice guarantees you the quality of the composition and the traceability.


Products designed to protect the fragility of the skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body and we inhabit it. Respecting it, meeting its needs, caring for it are all daily challenges. With Bayôris, you apply products to your skin that have been designed for this.


Zero waste packaging

In addition to an environmentally friendly manufacturing method, our packaging is made of recycled and recyclable materials, thus reducing our impact.


Donations to caregivers:

Their essential role and the difficulties they experience in their day-to-day work enjoin us to help them, at our level. Part of our profits will be donated to hospital caregivers in the form of creams.

Our Hydra-alcoholic cream has been designed to meet the daily hygiene problems of the whole family. Our mission, to offer a product that respects your skin.

Thanks to its double action formula: moisturizing and disinfecting, we guarantee your hands comfort and efficiency in all circumstances! 

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